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Turn your supporter base into a video collaboration and distribution network. Selectively publish videos for widespread organic distribution, or place videos with advertisers and influencers.

How it Works

Spread Your
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Video Automation

Crowdsourced submissions are polished with branding and captions automatically - no editing experience needed.


Organic Distribution

Your followers post videos on their social networks to share their message authentically and organically with their followers.


Advanced Insights

With our analytics, you can see which videos are taking off. Boost high performers, and fine-tune your strategy for future campaigns.

What Makes Soapboxx Special?

Build Your Community Through Relational Marketing

Identify Top Advocates

Use Your Supporters as a Micro-Influencer Network

Library of Video Styles and Animated Overlays

Record Anywhere, Desktop or Mobile

Real-Time Distribution Analytics

Custom Website
and Branding

Guidance on Strategy & Best Practices

Advanced Security and Access Control

Deepen Engagement With Your Community

Slide OUR CLIENTS ORGANIC REACH AND LOCAL MESSAGING MADE THE DIFFERENCE. How Biden-Harris won with Soapboxx The campaign tapped supporters in important swing counties, who responded with thousands of diverse and creative videos showing their honest support for Joe and Kamala. Creators proudly shared their videos via social, email, and text. Video viewership on social channels was more targeted and localized than traditional advertising. arrow_right_alt Slide OUR CLIENTS COMMUNITIES HOLD THEIR REPRESENTATIVES ACCOUNTABLE. Color of Change impacts policy with Soapboxx Residents in a target Congressional district recorded videos calling on their representative to include additional protections for Black businesses in the CARES Act. Color of Change used the videos in ads targeted to the Capitol - the Congressperson saw the videos and responded, giving Color of Change a path to impact the first Covid relief bill. arrow_right_alt Slide OUR CLIENTS THE COMBINED AUDIENCE OF THOUSANDS OF ADVOCATES AMPLIFIES THEIR GOALS. Planned Parenthood identifies top supporters with Soapboxx Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts used Soapboxx to pinpoint and activate their highest value supporters. They’ll leverage their supporters’ social reach to distribute their individual authentic videos in support of policy goals - and to ask their audiences to do the same. arrow_right_alt Slide OUR CLIENTS SEIU VIDEOS ARE A FOCAL POINT FOR ORGANIZERS. Soapboxx for SEIU Soapboxx gave union organizers an easy way to collect high-quality video from members, despite Covid-19. Videos speaking to critical issues like safe staffing and mandatory overtime rally members around union causes and offer a new avenue for community engagement. arrow_right_alt


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